In order to assure the lasting efficiency of the appliance, skilled technical personnel must be called in to perform periodical maintenance, including detailed checks of the state of those components subject to wear. The state of the grinding blades must be checked periodically. Keeping the grinding blades in an excellent state assures high-quality grinding, resulting in greater productivity and limited overheating.

Disconnect the grinder-doser’s power supply by unplugging it before cleaning. The appliance must not be cleaned using water jets. Do not install the grinder-doser in rooms where water jets are used for cleaning. The grinder-doser must be cleaned periodically by skilled technical personnel only.
Use perfectly clean, disinfected cloths or brushes for cleaning. Do not use abrasive products as these are liable to take the sheen off shiny parts.

Wash the hopper once it has been removed from the appliance (unscrewing the relevant fastening screw), using neutral soap and water, rinse abundantly with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly. It is advisable to clean the hopper periodically. Once the hopper has been cleaned, it must be attached to the upper grinding blade holder using the relevant screw.

Remove the safety screw which prevents the adjustment disk from being removed. Unscrew the adjustment disk by turning it clockwise.
Having removed the upper grinding blade holder, clean the grinding blades, threads and the entire grinding system thoroughly using a clean brush and cloth. Having refitted the upper grinding blade holder in the relevant slot, screw the adjustment disk back on, put the self-locking screw back in whichever of the two holes on the disk enables the best adjustment and, having refitted the hopper and secured, adjust the grinding as required.

If the appliance is to remain inactive for a long period, clean it carefully, dry the top container and leave it open.